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All images in the Mutapic Picture Library are original digital images based on a careful selection of existing public domain work. All pictures have been recreated from scratch in various software (mostly Softimage XSI and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator) and are available here in SWF Flash format. All images are copyright-free and can be used for any type of work, commercial or not. Please read the Legal Notice for more information.

The sources
Many of the pictures available in the library are so simple or widespread they have no known creator or obvious origins. I cannot tell you who drew the first triangle but you will find triangles here. The more complex pictures and etchings have been scanned from books and retouched digitally. The sources of the scans are mostly old publications, before the 20th century. Some of the clip art comes from original books and magazines (Scientific American circa 1890 is really good).

Some shapes and symbols available in the library come from dingbat fonts (a font with no letters, just small simple symbols). Many artists publish freeware dingbats fonts on the web. Samples of some free dingbats fonts have been redrawn and are included in this picture library.

I carefully selected the content of this library from public domaine sources, but this is a large collection and mistakes are possible. If you are the original creator of one of the images in this library and you never released the right for this image you can do two things:
1) Accept my apologies and ask me to remove the image from the collection. Contact.
2) Accept my apologies and keep the image in the library (the picture library is not for sale, the goal here is to provide free access to high quality public domain images in vector format).

Finally, if you claim to be the author of a picture, be prepared to prove you are not dead. The large majority of the pictures here were originally drawn more than a hundred years ago...


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