Installing Mutapic Pro

Install Mutapic Pro
- Download the Mac or Windows executable
- Uncompress the archive anywhere you want on your disk. This will create a folder named "Mutapic".

Start Mutapic Pro
- Open the Mutapic folder and double click on "Mutapic Pro"

Use Mutapic Pro
- Five sub-folders are automatically created in the "Mutapic" folder when you install Mutapic. These folders should not be deleted
- The Picture_Export folder is used to save your pictures.
- The Picture_Import A and B are used to load your own input pictures.
- The "mutPic001" folder contains the Mutapic Pro Picture Library.
- The "Goodies" folder contains bitmap pictures and textures you can import in Mutapic.

Uninstall Mutapic Pro
- Delete the "Mutapic" folder, everything is in there. If you created shortcuts you will have to remove them manually.


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