Mutapic Pro allows you to import your own pictures and use them as input pictures. These pictures can be in vector or bitmap format.

When you install Mutapic Pro on your computer you get two empty folders "Input_Pictures_A" and "Input_Pictures_B". The pictures you drop in those folders are used by Mutapic. If you drop only one picture in one of those folders you will always use the same input picture. If you drop multiple pictures, Mutapic will choose them randomly.

A few things to know before you import your own pictures:

Vector Pictures:
- The pictures must be in .swf format. You can create your pictures with any vector graphic application (e.g. Adobe Illustrator) but don't forget to save them as .swf
- The pictures maximum resolution is 1024x1024 pixels. This does not affect picture quality because vector graphics can be scaled to any size without loss but it is necessary to fit with the other Mutapic pictures.

Bitmap Pictures:
- The pictures must be in .jpg format with a maximum resolution of 1024x1024 pixels
- WARNING. Importing bitmaps in Mutapic is slow especially if you have multiple pictures in your Input_Picture folder. Start with one or a few pictures if you do not want a long wait for loading to complete.

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