Mutapic Questions & Answers

What is Mutapic?
Mutapic is a real creative tool. It generates ideas.
The traditional way to create artwork is to start with an idea, sketch it, then render it. The idea comes from the brain, the sketch is drawn on paper and the rendering is done with any appropriate technique: painting, sculpting, etc.

When you use a computer to create artwork you still need an idea, a sketch and a render. Computer are mostly used for rendering, a technically challenging process. Computers are not used too often to generate ideas because of their obvious dumbness and poor sense of taste. Mutapic is not any smarter than your average software but it does have some taste. Mutapic generates and infinite number of original images using rules, recipes and elements that are graphically interesting. Mutapic is used for the complete creative process. Mutapic proposes ideas, makes sketches and allows you to refine your sketches until you get a final render.

What can I do with Mutapic?
Mutapic helps you to create artwork. It is a tool for designers, artists and craftsmen. It can be used to create logos, patterns, decorative elements, and just for fun!

How does it work?
When you use Mutapic you combine two pictures to create a third one. Those two input pictures come from a picture library on the Mutapic server. In vector format, the pictures are small, 3kb in average, allowing high quality graphics with a small file size and fast download. The two input pictures are combined locally on your machine using computer generated randomness and filters. You pick filters and the machine computes random variations. Mutapic generates 16 different pictures automatically. The pictures are ‘mutants’ because they all are variations on a single theme. When you create mutants you generally get a lot of crap; this is also what happens with mutants in nature, a lot of tests and not much success. Mutation is an unpredictable business. To avoid generating too much crap the Mutapic functionality is not completely random. All the generated random values are biased and bound to give graphically interesting results. Complete Documentation.

How to install?
Mutapic is an online application. You do not need to install anything to use it. Mutapic should run in any browser using Flash (Java script should be on).

How can I get what I want if Mutapic is producing random pictures?
If you roll dice on a table you have no idea which number will come out but you are quite sure the dice will stop rolling on the table. Random can be unpredictable (which numbers will come up on the dice? where will the dice stop?) but can also be limited, biased and controlled (the numbers are between 1 and 6, the dice are on the table). This idea of layered and controlled randomness is at the heart of Mutapic. Mutapic always creates random original pictures, but you can get what you want by controlling randomness.

Can I use my own images as input?
In the free online version of Mutapic the source of the Input Pictures is always the Mutapic Picture Library. You need Mutapic Pro to load images from your local drive.

Who owns the images produced by Mutapic?
You do. Mutapic is just a tool, what is created with this tool is your own.

Who made Mutapic?
Me! Wotomoro, a professional artist and amateur programmer. Contact


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