Mutapic legal - Human version

Mutapic legal - The lawyer version - is available here

Art ownership
All pictures produced with Mutapic are your own. Mutapic is a tool, you are the artist.

The Mutapic icon and symbol collection tries not to include controversial pictures. However when you use Mutapic you may create offensive images. You are legally responsible for any offensive or illegal image you publish.

Image source
All the pictures in the Mutapic Pro shape library are originals. They can be used for commercial work without worrying about copyrights. All the pictures in the Mutapic library are original art based on copyright free pictures (redrawn existing public domain pictures). The content of the library is carefully selected, but this is a large collection and mistakes are possible. Some of those pictures may be copyrighted. If you do commercial work using the free image collection available with Mutapic and get sued for copyright infringment I am not responsible.

Internet Service
You need an internet connection to use Mutapic or to download Mutapic Pro. I will do my best to keep the Mutapic web site operational but I cannot guarantee access. The Mutapic web site may be down for any period of time.

Software have bugs, Mutapic included. Mutapic is a complex software linked to many other complex programs. Chaos lurks somewhere between your graphic card driver, your operating system, your browser and Mutapic… I am not responsible for any software malfunction.

Mutapic is free of any adware, spyware, malware, trojans and all other nasty viruses you can catch on a computer.

Mutapic and Mutapic Pro are the property of XXXXXXX



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